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Ofek Olami
ירושלים,מבט מדומינוס פלביט -אופק עולמי,צילום דוד נתנאל -Jerusalem The temple mount-view from dominus flevit church -ofek olami
Jerusalem - view from Dominus Flevit church

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 David Natanel - Tour Guide to Israel 


Language:  English, Hebrew, Arabic, German, French, Spanish                   

Car: Driver/Guide, any vehicle up to, 11 seats
Specialization:  Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Archaeology, World history, Art , History, Religion, Culture, Holy Land history, Geography, Geopolitics, Pilgrimages, Crusaders,  Religion, Culture, Israel, Educational tours , Family, VIP, Bible

Education:  MA Hebrew U Jm: Political Science, David Yelin College: Jewish Studies and History, Israel National Guide Course

Hobby:  Reading, foriegn languges, photography,Chinese Astrology

Experience from: 1992

Residence:  Mevasseret Zion

I am an experienced and passionate guide to Israel, specializing in many areas of interest, from ancient Near Eastern history to modern Israel, and from Biblical sites to beaches, nature walks and ethnic markets. A professional driver,I´ve been in the field since 1992, guiding large groups on buses as well as small groups in luxury tour vans. I work with all types of groups, including pilgrimages, general tours and Jewish groups, of all ages and many interests. I can create together with you, and without commitment, the perfect program for your group.

 My recommendations
10 Nov 2008
Having been to Israel many times, I can say that I learned more about Jerusalem in  3 ½ hours  than I had  learened in many days. You are so good at what you do.
We will meet again.
Dean Polack
Seatle UTA  USA 

12 Nov 2008
Dear David you are the best guide we have had in the world.Your knowledge and your kindness are over top! All the best to you -
Bob & Helen Blacklock
Houston, TX, USA


Jerusalem     16/06/2009
Thank you for showing us parts of this wonderful city we have never discovered before. Such an insightful and interesting tour!
 Melissa & Ben, London

 Beijing Captine Group 2009.3.20

Thank you for a great tour欢迎到北京来

jason wu

非常感 欢迎你到中国去玩



henry bong

David is a wonderful tourguide who helps us better understand the whole history of the great city-jerusalem



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